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Checking the Multimedia State-of-the-Art at SuperOp! 2004

IMTC interoperability event 2004 in Lillestrom, Norway is open for registration - Wide range of developer tests for vendors, operators and users - Dedicated to Mark Ludwig, late IMTC Director and SuperOp! Co-Chair - Event sponsored by Nortel Networks, Polycom, RADVISION, Sony and TANDBERG

San Ramon, Calif., 4 August, 2004 - IMTC, the International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium, has opened registration for this year's SuperOp!, the organizations annual premier interoperability event where producers of equipment and network providers engaged in multimedia telecommunications have the unique opportunity to test their latest developments in a live environment. The SuperOp! 2004 will take place from September 10 to 14 in the Norwegian town of Lillestrom, close to the home of TANDBERG. TANDBERG is hosting the event and is a "Platinum Equipment Sponsor". TANDBERG will be joined by Nortel Networks, also a "Platinum Equipment Sponsor" as well as by "Platinum Sponsors", Polycom, and RADVISION and by "Gold sponsor", Sony. Special acknowledgement is extended to Telenor for providing network services.

"TANDBERG enthusiastically welcomes the IMTC SuperOp! 2004 to Norway. As a company dedicated to open standards, TANDBERG is proud to sponsor this premier telecommunications interoperability event in our home country", stated Snorre Kjesbu, Vice President of Technology Innovation at TANDBERG. "The interoperability testing that takes place at SuperOp! enables vendors to test products in a unique neutral environment and ensures that standards have been implemented properly, allowing telecommunication equipment to work together seamlessly. Products that go through a SuperOp! testing cycle will provide customers with the most streamlined experience possible, increasing the adoption of multimedia telecommunications and advancing the industry."

"Nortel Networks is pleased to continue our sponsorship of the IMTC SuperOp! 2004 by providing the converged network infrastructure for the event, as we did with great success last year. Nortel Networks is a world class leader in converged networking solutions - data, voice, and multimedia. There is no better forum to showcase our converged solutions and demonstrate our commitment to interoperability based on adherence to industry standards than at the IMTC SuperOp! 2004 and other IMTC interop! events," said Tim Mendonca, Sr. Consulting Engineer, Nortel Networks, IMTC Director, and Chairman of the IMTC Quality of Service committee. "At SuperOp! 2004 we are offering participants the ability to do performance, Quality of Service and security testing in addition to the normal interoperability testing." Nortel Networks is a trademark of Nortel Networks.

"Polycom is proud to again be a sponsor of the IMTC SuperOp! Event, where engineers from vendors around the world come together to ensure reliable interoperability for products across our industry", said Tim Root, the Chief Technology Officer of the Video Division at Polycom, Inc. "Our sponsorship demonstrates Polycom's ongoing commitment to our customers to support true standards-based interoperability for real-time, rich-media communications."

"The annual SuperOp! event is the place where we have the chance to both showcase our newest multimedia technologies and ensure that they are compatible with the rest of the communications world", said Anatoli Levine, Director of Software Support from RADVISION and IMTC Director and SuperOp! Co-Chair, one of the key organizers of the SuperOp! 2004, adding: "This very important forum is crucial in allowing us to not only evaluate the current state-of-the-art, but to push the envelope and bring to market new multimedia communication and entertainment technologies. For equipment developers, the IMTC event constitutes the moment of truth - where we find out if our R&D over the past year was successful, where improvements are needed, what we need to change, and in which direction things may move in the coming year."

All testing at the Lillestrom SuperOp! will be conducted by IMTC Activity Groups and will include interoperability and interworking tests between IP networks, a 3G network and switched-circuit networks. As in previous years, the last day of the IMTC SuperOp! will be dedicated to building a SuperConnection of the components present, all being joined in one single conference. All testing results are being carefully monitored and documented and will be presented to SuperOp! participants for further investigation.

The IMTC SuperOp! 2004 is dedicated to the late Mark Ludwig who served on the IMTC- Board of Directors and was Co-Chair of SuperOp! Mark Ludwig died on June 27 this year at the age of 39. As representative of Polycom at IMTC, Mark had been instrumental in advancing the cause of the Consortium; he will be greatly missed by his friends and colleagues.

The IMTC SuperOp! 2004 in Lillestrom, Norway is now open for registration. Companies and vendors interested in participating in this premier industry event are requested to contact Jennifer Fletcher at Global Inventures: . Due to limited capacity, registrations will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. More details on SuperOp! 2004 can be found at

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The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) is an industry-leading non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, encourage, and facilitate the development and implementation of interoperable multimedia conferencing solutions based on open international standards. The IMTC hosts interoperability testing events and demonstrations throughout the world. Over the past three years the IMTC has hosted more than 20 interoperability-testing events to test H.323, 3G-324M, 3G-PSS, SIP, Nat/Firewall Traversal, T.120, H .320, and Voice over IP products and services with each other. The IMTC Board of Directors includes representatives from Cisco Systems, Dilithium Networks, Emblaze Systems, France Telecom, Nextreaming Corp., Nokia, Nortel Networks, Polycom, RADVISION, Siemens AG, Sony, and TANDBERG. The San Ramon, California-based consortium comprises approximately 70 member organizations from around the globe. Membership is open to any interested party, including vendors of audio, document, and video conferencing hardware and software; academic institutions; government agencies; and non-profit organizations. "The IMTC is making Rich Media happen Anywhere, Anytime." Further information on IMTC can be found at