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Testing future UMTS and Internet Multimedia Communications Products a Success

IMTC SuperOp! 2004 validates interoperability between advanced multimedia communications systems - Broad industry participation for main technical event for multimedia telecommunications


San Ramon, Calif., October 6, 2004 - SuperOp! 2004, the main testing event of the telecommunications industry for multimedia standards and products, was hosted by TANDBERG and organized by the International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC)  in Lillestrom, Norway, September 10 to 14.  SuperOp! allows companies that manufacture multimedia telecommunications equipment to make their products work seamlessly with equipment from other companies.  Because of the diversity of equipment, protocols and vendors, it is not practical or economical for a single organization to duplicate such large-scale connectivity in its own test lab. SuperOp! provides a unique opportunity to any company that produces multimedia telecommunications equipment to test their equipment and services at an unprecedented level.

According to Albert Wong of Dilithium Networks, Co-Chairman of the IMTC 3G-324M Activity Group (AG), this event allowed the 14 member companies of his group to follow on the successful results achieved during the first-ever international 3G video telephony interoperability testing in Sweden earlier this year. “The diverse setting of equipment being tested at the SuperOp! event and the industry-wide participation allowed us to significantly expand our testing,” he said.


This view was supported by Amir Wolf of Emblaze Mobile, Chairman of the IMTC Packet Switched Streaming (PSS) AG, who had 14 companies participate at SuperOp!  We had 6 servers, 10 terminals and one RTSP NAT gateway, testing content created by 16 vendors.  “For us, SuperOp! gives the opportunity to perform validation of streaming media from PSS servers to PSS clients and to summarize a year of offline tests and streaming over the internet: This is the first time we are testing over a live 3G network,” Mr. Wolf explained. At the same time, the 3G-324M AG looked at testing implementations of different products, including handset prototypes, terminals and gateways testing over live UMTS network and ISDN. Service reliability on successful voice and video start-up was also one of the testing focuses of this AG.  It is one of the most crucial factors for the 3G video telephony service launch.


All testing at the IMTC SuperOp! 2004, was conducted by the Consortium’s Activity Groups. Apart from 3G-324 M and 3G-Packet Switched Streaming, the SuperOp! program in Lillestrom included:

-         H.323 interwork testing (testing between any of the listed protocol) throughout SuperOp!, a focus during the SuperConnection

-         SIP

-         Videoconferencing over –ISDN (H.320)

-         Quality of Service and Performance Testing

-         Nat/Firewall traversal testing


“The past year has seen a substantial increase in the use of and interest in multimedia conferencing.  The annual IMTC SuperOp! event provides an opportunity for vendors to assure interoperability between their technologies”, said Anatoli Levine, IMTC Conferencing over IP Activity Group Chairman, RADVISION.  During the last day of SuperOp!, all equipment presented was connected in the traditional “SuperConnection”.  There were (27) H.323/SIP/H.320 devices participating plus (9) 3G-324M devices which makes it total of 36 different devices from 16 companies.  The testing connected all available test stations into a single large conference consisting of a mixture of audio/video, and voice only equipment. 

SuperOp! 2004 was sponsored by Nortel Networks, TANDBERG and Telenor as a “Platinum Equipment Sponsors”, Polycom and RADVISION as “Platinum Sponsors”, and Sony as a “Gold Sponsor”. 


About the IMTC

The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) is an industry-leading

non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, encourage, and facilitate the development and implementation of interoperable multimedia conferencing solutions based on open international standards. The IMTC hosts interoperability testing events and demonstrations throughout the world. Over the past three years the IMTC has hosted more than 20 interoperability-testing events to test H.323, 3G-324M, 3G-PSS, SIP, Nat/Firewall Traversal, T.120, H .320, and Voice over IP products and services with each other.  The IMTC Board of Directors includes representatives from Cisco Systems, Dilithium Networks, Emblaze Mobile, France Telecom, Nextreaming Corp., Nokia, Nortel Networks, Polycom, RADVISION, Siemens AG, Sony, and TANDBERG.  The San Ramon, California-based consortium comprises approximately 70 member organizations from around the globe. Membership is open to any interested party, including vendors of audio, document, and video conferencing hardware and software; academic institutions; government agencies; and non-profit organizations. “The IMTC is making Rich Media happen Anywhere, Anytime.” Further information on IMTC can be found at