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Pavilion to Showcase Multi-vendor, Multi-protocol Interoperability of the Latest Teleconferencing Products and Services

SAN JOSE, Calif.            March 8, 1999

The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) today unveiled its Multimedia Interoperability Pavilion at MultiMediaCom Spring '99 (March 8 through 11) in San Jose, California.

Only the third public event of its kind, the IMTC Multimedia Interoperability Pavilion is an extensive demonstration highlighting the interoperability of IMTC member companies' diverse multimedia communications products and services. Throughout the three-day event, visitors to the IMTC Pavilion will have the opportunity to see how various products (desktop and room-based systems, MCUs, gateways, gatekeepers, etc.) based on international standards work with each other to deliver seamless multimedia communications solutions.

"By bringing interoperability into the public eye, the IMTC Multimedia Interoperability Pavilion and the participating IMTC member companies are helping propel the development, utilization and adoption of standards-based multimedia conferencing solutions," said Matt Collier, president of the IMTC and vice president of business development for Polycom, Inc.

At the demonstration, visitors will be able to witness first-hand, interoperability between and across:

  • H.323 for video (audiovisual) communications on Local Area and Internet Protocol (IP) networks.
  • H.323 to H.321 to H.320 cross-standard videoconferencing using translation gateways
  • H.320 for videoconferencing over ISDN
  • H.323 systems interconnected with H.320
  • Cascading systems, which offers maximum capacity and protocol support

The interoperability demonstrations have been structured into scenarios that replicate real business applications -- classic ways in which companies are employing and implementing conferencing.

Nine companies showcasing more than 15 products will be participating in the IMTC Pavilion, including:

Accord Video Telecommunications
Lucent Technologies
Polycom, Inc.
Sony Electronics Corporation
Additional IMTC Activities at MultiMediaCom Spring '99

On Thursday, March 11, Matt Collier, president of the IMTC and vice president of business development for Polycom, will host a plenary session titled "IMTC Perspective: A Technology Assessment." In addition, the IMTC will be hosting "IMTC University - Fundamentals of Multimedia Teleconferencing," a tutorial highlighting the basic technological issues behind multimedia communications.

About the IMTC

The IMTC is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, encouraging and facilitating the development and implementation of interoperable multimedia teleconferencing solutions based on open, international standards. The San Ramon, California-based consortium includes more than 150 member organizations from around the globe. Membership is open to any interested party, including vendors of audio, document, and video teleconferencing hardware and software, communications companies, teleconferencing service providers, end users, academic institutions, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Since 1996, the IMTC has hosted more than 30 interoperability events around the globe to test T.120, H.320, H.323 and H.324 products and services for compatibility with each other. The consortium's Web site address is

On April 27-29, the IMTC will host its Spring Forum event in Munich, Germany. This year's Spring Forum is titled "Conferencing over IP: Where we Stand" and will include updates Conferencing over IP initiatives and technology developments from the IMTC, ETSI, IETF and ITU, as well as analysts and industry experts. In addition, updates on T.120/130,H.320, H.323, H.324, and other relevant standards will be provided. For more information on or to register to attend the IMTC Spring Forum or other IMTC activities, please visit the IMTC Web site