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MSAF's Global Internet Interoperability Projects Entering Next Phase

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND            October 15, 1999

The Multimedia Services Affiliate Forum (MSAF), a global organization comprised of Global Fortune 500 telecommunications and Internet companies, formally transferred its IP-centric services programs to the International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) and the TeleManagement Forum (TMF). The transfer includes funding which enables the IMTC and TMF to continue the programs until 2001.

MSAF was formed four years ago in Geneva at Telecom 95 to facilitate the deployment of worldwide interoperable value-added multimedia services. Services interoperability was successfully achieved for the Lotus Notes and Novell Directory Services and for a Global Intranet Access service. Ongoing projects include Public Key Infrastructure interoperability and Voice-over-IP interoperability.

According to Dr. Lov Kher, Chairman of MSAF, "the IP-centric services interoperability mission of MSAF was successfully achieved for global customers and now MSAF needs to move its service implementation projects into the next phase." Dr. Kher further said, "MSAF's board of directors is pleased that both the IMTC and TMF have agreed to pursue MSAF's mission into the next millennium."

MSAF has been working with the IMTC and the TMF for over a year to enable this transition. Through the cooperation of the IMTC and the TMF the MSAF Internet services projects will move forward into the new millennium. Accepting on behalf of these organizations during the formal transfer ceremony at Telecom 99 were Neil Starkey, IMTC founder, and Tonia Graham, TMF Treasurer.

"We are honored that MSAF believes the IMTC provides an ideal, respected and objective home for the continuation of the MSAF mission," said Matt Collier, president of the IMTC. "The IMTC is committed, through the support of MSAF and its members, to furthering the development, deployment and promotion of seamless, reliable and interoperable IP-based and other multimedia services across multiple networks."

"We're proud that MSAF recognized our leadership position in IP network management interoperability and e-business," said Beth Adams, President and CEO of the TM Forum, "and we're very pleased that MSAF chose us to carry forward its work in IP-centric services and IP network management interoperability."

About MSAF MSAF is an open, non-profit consortium whose members serviced 70 percent of the world's telecom traffic. It has been the MSAF members' vision to provide customers with secure, reliable, easy-to-use global multimedia communications services using interoperable IP-centric platforms. MSAF developed global interoperability implementation guidelines, supported trials to demonstrate interoperability, and facilitated interconnections among service provider members (

About IMTC The IMTC is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating the development and implementation of interoperable multimedia teleconferencing solutions based on open, international standards - particularly the multimedia teleconferencing standards adopted by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The California-based consortium comprises more than 150 member organizations from around the globe.

About TMF The TMF is a non-profit, global organization serving the communications industry. It provides strategy and pragmatic solutions for streamlining operations in a competitive environment. TM Forum sponsors a broad range of business agreements and technical specifications that enable service providers to automate the management of communications services. The TM Forum has over 230 member companies from 34 countries.

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